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Adam Rees


From humble home school beginnings, Adam Rees began playing ultimate at the tender age of 15 for Alameda Dark Meat. After tearing up the California youth scene, he took his talents to the Willamette Valley and the quaint town of Eugene, Oregon. Adam’s motor and workhorse mentality have been an asset for Ego ever since he earned a starting spot on the Oregon D-line. He has since become one of the most consistent, reliable and respected players in the college division and has led Ego in the role of captain for the last three years. Adding to his accolades, Adam competed in Perth, Australia, this January on the U.S. U-24 Men’s National Team and brought home a gold medal.

While he is never the loudest person in the room, Adam leads by example both on and off the field, pushing and inspiring his teammates with both his work ethic and competitiveness. Adam’s spirit is unquestioned as he walks the fine line between competing at the highest level and maintaining mutual respect for his opponents. Despite his silent nature, Adam’s presence is always felt through his signature giggle, which is often heard because of his tendency to laugh at almost any joke. Adam’s positivity, composure and relentless effort have established him indisputably as one of the best players in college men’s ultimate. You will not find a better example of a silent leader than Adam Rees, which is one of the many reasons why he is a deserving recipient of the 2018 Callahan Award.

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