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University of Southern California

Alyssa Perez


How the captain of your team handles hardships, like bad weather or an off game, determines how the rest of the team will handle these hardships. Luckily for the Hellions of Troy, Alyssa Perez is the captain, and she lets absolutely nothing ruffle her feathers while she is out on the field. As our team’s workhorse, Alyssa runs herself ragged on every point, puts her body on the line when need be and consistently supports the development of her teammates. Her love of the game and the sheer amount of time she has dedicated to this team inspires the rest of us to want to play a little bit longer and run a little bit harder. Even when she is called on for the umpteenth point in a row, she is still smiling and dancing on the line. She amazes young rookies with her ability to run circles around her defenders and shut down even the most talented players. If you think you can out-maneuver her with a strong low release, your dreams will be shattered by her cobra-like foot block lashing out without warning. Her resume runs deep as a second-year captain for the Hellions of Troy, a participant in the U.S. U-24 National Team tryouts, a player on club teams 7 Figures and Wildfire and a founder of Los Angeles’s newest club team, Rampage. However, her talent can’t be summarized by a list of accomplishments. Alyssa’s style of play elevates the level of play of everyone around her, and her spirit will continue to bring people into the ultimate community. She is electrifying on the field, her speed and style are unmatched, and most importantly, she is someone who you’ll never forget playing with.

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