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Annie Chen


Over the two years that she has captained our team, and before that as an unofficial leader on the field, Annie has given herself completely to Clockwork, developing us both as a program and as individuals. As a person, she is accessible, deeply thoughtful, headstrong and emotionally acute. As a player, she brings all of these qualities to impress upon the ultimate community her incredible intuition for the sport and ultimate skills, as well as her sharp sensitivity for the mindset of her players. Annie has served as an archetypal player and captain after whom those roles will be modeled for years to come. Given her impact on our team, the school’s program and even the teams we have played, it seems insufficient to just talk about her sheer ability on the field. Considering the amount of players she has cultivated that were new to the sport to begin with, Annie has come to embody the spirit of ultimate – she is skilled, precise, honest, friendly, intense, driven and humbly inspiring.

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