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Caitlin Go


Wind, rain, heat, Caitlin Go. When teams face uncontrollables, they’re often assured that both teams are going through them. Luckily for Superfly, Caitlin has been a breath of fresh (downwind) air for the past five years. She is a leader, a mentor and a friend. As Superfly’s workhorse, she can hit cross-field IO backhand hucks to receivers in stride and get the disc every other against a zone, but her biggest strengths include inspiring and getting the most out of her teammates.

“Sometimes it seemed like Go was playing a different sport than the rest of the women on the field. Her grace, speed, and craftiness on the field kept her open often. Role player is not the right term for [her], but she’s usually the player a throw or two behind the big, flashy play. Go is reliably excellent every time she steps on the field.” – Ultiworld

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