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Catherine Paulson


Catherine “Tonic” Paulson began playing ultimate her freshman year of college and has excelled as a handler on BLU for the past three years, in addition to playing for Viva’s club team this past summer. Her zone crashes and up-line cuts keep BLU’s offense always moving, and she puts 100 percent into every throw. And those flick hucks, though! Not to mention her consistent presence on defense…watch out for this girl’s poaches, skies (at only five feet tall!), and best of all, her trademark layout Ds!

In addition to her pure talent and skill, Tonic’s sportsmanship and dedication to the sport of ultimate and her team are reflected in both her knowledge of the rules and her willingness to discuss or explain a certain call on the field. She’ll reach out to new players to throw or help them improve and is always willing to offer suggestions to her teammates to make small adjustments to increase their success in between points. She always takes initiative – often behinds the scenes – and constantly leads by example for her teammates which is a true testament to her leadership on BLU.

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