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California-San Diego

Dena Elimelech


10 reasons you should vote Chrome for Callahan:

1. Chrome can jump higher than all the other Callahan nominees​ ​- in the men’s division.
2. She once handblocked someone​…​one field over.
3. She won a fist fight​, using only her braided ponytail.
4. She once threw a low-release inside flick​, against a backhand force.
5. She once dropped a disc​,​​ ​just to see how it felt.
6. She can sprint full field to catch her own 70-yard huck.
7. Each time she scores, Chrome gently places ​t​he disc on the ground, and the disc still tacos.
8. She often gets called for double teaming​,​ when alone on the mark.
9. Her cereal never gets soggy. It sits there, staying crispy just for her.
10. MythBusters pronounced human flight as “plausible” after watching Chrome play ultimate.​

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