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Dylan Best


In high school, Dylan Best was known for two things: great hygiene and hearthstone. But one night during a strange nor’easter, he was struck by a bolt of lightning and lost both of these skills. Instead, he gained the power to dominate on the ultimate field.

Beginning in Sharon, Mass., Dylan played ultimate for his high school and spent the summers playing for the youth club team BUDA. He decided to go to the University of Pittsburgh where he grew as a player and gained important leadership skills. In the summers, he helped coach his former youth team while playing club in Pittsburgh – with the Haiders and Slag Dump – for his first three years before playing for Boston Dig this past summer. This season, he is captaining Pitt.

Dylan earned the team’s nomination this year because he is a great player and a great teammate. His ability to lead by example and provide a contagious positive attitude make him the ideal candidate. Dylan is an incredible asset on the field. He is a lock-down defender and has the offensive skill and mind that allow him to be dangerous anywhere.

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