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Ella Hansen


From day one on Fugue, Ella has worked incredibly hard on and off the field. She leads by example with her work ethic, bringing intensity to every scrimmage and drill. She has played a key role since her freshman year when Fugue won the 2015 College Championships. But don’t be fooled, Ella is anything but just serious. Her lighthearted and goofy attitude brightens everyone’s 6 a.m. practices. Beyond her in-practice work ethic, Ella has been a consistent leader with her voice. From planning practices and leading drills to her extensive knowledge of the game, Ella constantly strives to challenge and engage her teammates. She has built this unique skill set over the course of four years of coaching all levels of the youth game in both Washington and Oregon and captaining Fugue for three years. She demonstrates true spirit, thoughtfully respecting her teammates’ and opponents’ feedback and willingly admitting to her wrongs. This is all without even mentioning her talent as a player with fierce defensive footwork, powerful deep looks and creative pulls. Most recently, this earned Ella a gold medal with the U.S.A. Women’s National Team at the 2018 U-24 World Championships.

Ella is arguably one of the best throwers in the women’s college division. Her “pop-eye forearms” are balanced by her creative field vision and touch. This enables her to get the disc to anyone anywhere on the field. On defense, she’s a threat to anyone in the air, bodying out opponents and consistently coming down with the disc. She is devoted, genuine and compassionate. Fugue believes Ella is deserving of the Callahan Award because of her talent on the field combined with her ability to bring SOTG into every ultimate community she’s a part of.

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