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Julianna Werffeli


You may know JWerf for her stylish gloves, unmatched pulling abilities, angelic smiles, soul-crushing break throws or clutch layout Ds. Her teammates know her for her love of the game, selfless leadership and steely work ethic. Here’s what they have to say about Julianna:
“Oh, you mean Jorf?” — Anonymous Rookie
“Playing and captaining with JWerf has been a treat. There’s nobody I trust to get it done like J. She is the most consistently clutch player I know: She will make the play, on O or D, when we need it the most.” — Jaclyn “Chip” Verzuh
“This one time, J ate beets, and…oh, not that story? Okay.” — Magdalene R. Pizzo
“Jorf personifies grit; when the game is on the line, you know that J is going to go out there and get a huge D. She fires everyone up and pushes us to be better.” — Caitlyn “Grinch” Lee
“JWerf is like a wolf: fierce, loyal, looks great in teal.” — Lillian M Eisner

Team U.S.A. U-20 2014 (gold)
Boston Brute Squad 2016-present (2016 National Champs)
Dartmouth Princess Layout 2014-2018 (2017 National Champs)
Team U.S.A. U-24 2018 (gold)

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