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Lilly Mendoza


A Texas cross-country-running, soccer-playing product, Lilly “Kermit” Mendoza has devoted her college career to ultimate and embraced the sport in a way only a truly passionate player ever can. As a player, she opens up the field with unstoppable cuts, savage break throws and gorgeous hucks, not to mention her fierce layouts. Her inspiring plays and work ethic elevate the play our team is capable of, from rookies earning layout Ds to senior players attacking the field with creative vision. As a captain, she’s accessible and thoughtful, the first to recognize her teammates for great plays and ready with feedback and advice when we need it. Her quiet fire on the field and vocal enthusiasm from the sidelines drive the unity and intensity of our team, along with the momentum that is bringing the Roses back to Nationals after four years. She’s consistently recognized as a top player in the region for her unmatched ferocity on the field, and her infectious excitement both on and off the field has brought a lot of new players to the sport and encouraged them fall in love with ultimate. With earnest co(r)nviction, we believe Lilly is Callahan-Award worthy for her talent, spirit and devotion to ultimate.

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