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Makella Daley


When Makella Daley scores (which is often), our team usually runs over to her yelling “we are not worthy” as we bow down, followed by Makella running away in embarrassment and a ridiculous amount of humility. That is the epitome of Makella as a player and captain: always doing the most, catching the uncatchable, stepping into whichever role the coaches ask her to, cutting or handling like she’s straight out of an instructional video, putting up dimes whether we’re in a windless dome or windy Iowa, constantly being supportive and understanding and never expecting the praise she deserves. Over the course of her ultimate career, she’s gone from being 75 percent of her high school team’s offense to coming to the University of Minnesota (U of M) and breaking her ankle, being invited to the U-20 and U-24 National Team tryouts, and playing a central handler role at the Club National Championships last year for the most elite women’s club team in Minnesota. As our college captain for three seasons, Makella was there to rebuild the U of M program after we graduated 15 top-tier seniors. Our current team would not be where we are today without her. When she’s not on the ultimate field, she’s kicking butt as an engineering graduate student and eating way too many Cheetos. We’ve been incredibly lucky to have Makella as a teammate and leader for the past five years, and we’re excited for the world to see her Kellahan video!!

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