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Megan Wilson


During her four years at Tufts, Megan “Moose” Wilson has embodied the leadership, talent, intensity and spirit of ultimate, all qualities that are exemplified by a Callahan nominee. She came back from an ACL tear her freshman year with a fire and drive so fervent that nothing could stand in her way. She works harder than anyone, brings out the best in each of her teammates and inspires the entire team to want to be better. It is clear how much Megan loves the sport of ultimate – every time she steps on the line, she has a huge smile on her face and a fierce determination gleaming in her eyes. Each point is a battle, and a steadfast Moose will never lose. She leaves everything on the field –  massive hucks, game-saving bids and ankle-breaking handler cuts.

Megan’s ceiling is higher than the bridges she engineers. Although we are sad she is graduating, the Ewo cannot wait to see what she will do in the future, starting with a Worlds appearance and as a handler on Brute Squad.


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