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Sabrina Hoffman


Sabrina (Sab) is a fearless competitor with endless love for her team. Although she began her ultimate career as a cutter, in her third season on Bella Donna, she has transitioned into an absolutely lethal handler whose speed and field awareness make her incredibly difficult to guard. Although she has always been a talented athlete and embodies what it means to be a well-rounded ultimate player, one of her best qualities as a leader and teammate is her dedication to improving her game. Her work ethic on and off the field serves as a source of inspiration for her teammates. Her thorough understanding of the rules enables her to facilitate calm, spirited discussion on the fields, which serves as another model of leadership for Bella. In addition to playing for Bella Donna, Sab played with Madison Heist during this past 2017 club season, as well as with NOISE in 2016. #CallaSab

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