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Tristan Van de Moortele


When he first picked up ultimate at Minneapolis South High School, Tristan Van de Moortele was an atrocious player with a tendency to turn the disc over at inopportune times. After a short stint playing Quidditch his freshman year, Tristan officially joined Grey Duck in 2014, and despite his glaring deficiencies, he has since come into his own as an exceptionally well-rounded player. Tristan quickly became a rock on the Minnesota D-line, and during his time, the program earned ninth-, first- and fifth-place finishes at Nationals due in no small part to his on-field and off-field contributions. He exudes an inspiring, competitive fire while preserving respect for his opponents. As a testament to his spirited play, he will sometimes not call fast count when getting stalled out and just accept the turnover. Whether it is by regularly providing constructive criticism to his teammates or inviting everyone to a Saturday afternoon ladder workout, Tristan holds everyone around him to a higher standard. That spirit and work ethic have translated to success on other teams as well, earning him time with Sub Zero the past few summers as well as Team U.S.A. this past winter. Tristan Van de Moortele is the heart and soul of Grey Duck, and we are proud to nominate him for the 2018 Callahan Award.

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