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The United States Air Force Academy ultimate team is a highly competitive club at the national level. This year, the senior captains are Kainoa (Noa) Chun-Moy, William Cooper and Alan Villanueva. Over the past three seasons, Afterburn has continued their success, which began during the 2016 campaign. That year was the program’s first D-III College Championships appearance, and we placed third. Last season, we lost in the finals and have some unfinished business. The captains and leaders of the team who have come before, starting in 2015, made the conscious effort to make the team more competitive on the national stage. From that point, our goal has always been to win a national championship. The team works incredibly hard to earn that title, and the road to nationals for this year began back in August. Afterburn travels across the country in order to play the most elite teams in the nation. We have had tournaments ranging from Oregon to South Carolina. Our team’s motto is Huck, Bid, Pillage and Burn, and we never back down from a fight.


Colorado Springs, CO


Northern South Central


South Central

College Championship Appearances

2016, 2017, 2018

Best Finish



Carl Chan, Spencer Norman

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