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Carleton College


Team Biography

Gods of Plastic (GoP) was born late one February night in 1995 in a room on 2nd Nourse, Northfield, Minn. A group of Carleton seniors, motivated by their love of Frisbee and a desire for a level of play higher than intramurals, conspired to form a team around the idea that enjoyment of the game and a higher level of competitive play should not run screaming from each other, but walk hand-in-hand. They agreed to a style of play that could be considered quirky, but would embody the true spirit of the game. From this discussion arose our lofty team name, Gods of Plastic, and our team motto, intense but loose.

Skip ahead and GoP is now 25 years old! We are roughly 5’9” tall, 145 lbs heavy, injury prone and single. Our main interests are frolf and Boone’s Farm. We enjoy long walks along the Cannon River with our pet lion Fruit Pooch, and our favorite holiday is Alumni Weekend. We hate wasting time at the gym and prefer to spend our days doing something useful like spamming the Google group or playing Settlers of Catan. If interested in following this lovely group of Hawaiian clad lads, please find us on twitter @goprocks. We don’t follow back.


Northfield, MN




North Central

Year Founded


College Championship Appearances

2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Best Finish

1st - 2010, 2012


Michael Massad

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