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Georgetown Ultimate was founded in 2000. The program evolved from eight players on one coed team to four teams of Huckin’ Foyas, Biddin’ Foyas, Black Squirrels, and Catholic Justice.

We traveled up the ramp to attend our first regionals in 2009, win three of the past five Colonial Conference Championships, and earn our first Nationals in 2018 as a result of countless years of hard work and dedication from players and coaches to #BuildTheProgram.

Shout out to the Huckin’ Foyas for making the game-to-go last year and to the Biddies and Squirrels for building an inclusive Georgetown Ultimate family.

This Nationals trip is dedicated to all current students and alumni who committed so much of their college experience to the Georgetown Ultimate program. Georgetown Ultimate taught us to wear ABCs, to tell time, to count to 94, to show it, to recover from Kehoe sprained ankles, to become wizard people, to rent a wreck, to coop no coop, to celebrate Jortsmas, to play mini, to go to Wildwood, to overcome uncontrollables, to express gratitude for DeGioia and to frolf at Augusta on Georgetown Day.


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