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One clear night, approximately 10-15 years ago, a group of fun-loving, free-wheeling, Frisbee-throwing gals were sitting around a campfire when they looked up at the sky and saw a beautiful ~eclipse~. This group of gal pals realized that the moon blocking the sun (and ultimate being fun) was similar to the moment of ecstasy when the disc they threw around every day passed in front of the sun, momentarily resembling an eclipse. Blinded by the glory of the sport, these gals realized that, although the moment the disc eclipsed the sun rendered the disc invisible, their inner love of the game provided them with the vision they needed to catch the disc with outstretched arms. This moment of temporary blindness, simultaneous bliss, and ultimate knowing heeded the inception of Carleton College Eclipse.

From then on, this program experienced an illustrious rise to greatness, gaining power from our love of ultimate, the power of friendship, and the guidance of the heavenly bodies: the big disc of the sky, and the smaller disc of the heart. While many tournaments have been won and lost, Eclipse still considers the greatest trophy to be the friendships they make and the fun they have along the way.


Northfield, MN




North Central

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1st (2011, 2016, 2017)


Cameron Barton

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