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University of Puget Sound


Team Biography

Clearcut started like any other ultimate team: on the perfectly manicured lawn of a liberal arts institution. Between brick buildings, student loans and the musings of philosophy students, a disc was hucked through the hearts of a select group of women. Usually opposed to plastic due to our deep commitment to the environment, we were taught to love the game. Our guide? The KRAKEN! Emerging from the Puget Sound to bestow ultimate knowledge, the Kraken wrapped each of its eight tentacles around the team to teach us the ways of friz. Partly from an octopus mind meld, and partly due to the consumption of old Callahan videos, we obtained a singular consciousness, “Chilly,” we chanted, “turn the page,” we yelled and “bid woulda had it,” we cried. Just like that, our team was born. With three hearts and even more passion, each player embodies the octopus mission: Be floppy and look good doing it. When there are seven Clearcutters on a line, if you’re really quiet, you can hear the flop of the Kraken in the distance calling out for us.


Tacoma, WA



College Championship Appearances

2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Best Finish



Spencer Sheridan, Corinne Pingul

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