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We are the Whitman College Men’s Sweets Ultimate Frisbee Team. We get our name from the sweet onions that are grown around us. A lot of wheat is grown around Walla Walla too (which is were we go to school). We don’t practice in the wheat fields; we practice on normal fields. It gets pretty windy sometimes. We practice a lot. Sometimes we go to tournaments. We went to three tournaments this year, one located in Morgan Hill, California, one located in Fair Oaks, Indiana, and one situated outside of Boise which is in Idaho. We won some games at the tournaments as well. We then played at our Conference Championships, and it rained a lot. We also won. The general consensus is that this year has been fun. Fun is something us Sweets enjoy having. We also have a new coach and are looking forward to meeting him at Nationals. If you are watching our games, please cheer us on by yelling “Go Sweets.” That tends to do the trick.


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