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Each year, awards are presented to teams and individuals in recognition of their embodiment and advancement of Spirit of the Game. The Callahan Award, as well as team and individual spirit awards are presented at the College Championships.

Callahan Award

Since 1996, the Callahan has been awarded annually to the most valuable players in college ultimate. Award nominees display superior skill and athleticism, making the difficult plays that so many players dream about look easy. But the award goes a step further than that.

In addition to their on-field success, winners of the Callahan Award also demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship, leadership and dedication to ultimate – personifying Spirit of the Game.

The award is voted on by current college players, meaning that Callahan Award winners have also earned the respect of their peers.

Team Spirit Award

At the end of each game at the College Championships, teams are asked to rate their opponents’ spirit, as well as their own, in a number of categories, including communication, rules knowledge and fair-mindedness. The scores are averaged, and the team with the highest score is awarded the Team Spirit Award.

Past Award Winners

Year Callahan Team Spirt Award
2023 Abby Hecko
University of Washington
2022 Dawn Culton
University of North Carolina
Colorado State
2021 Jasmine Childress
University of California-Santa Barbara
2020 Anne Worth
University of North Carolina
2019 Jack Verzuh
Dartmouth College
2018 Jackelyne Nguyen
University of California-Berkeley
Carleton College
2017 Angela Zhu
Dartmouth College
2016 Marisa Rafter
University of California
2015 Alika Johnston
University of Virginia
2014 Cassie Swafford
Ohio State University
2013 Claire Chastain
University of North Carolina-Wilmington
British Columbia
2012 Paula Seville
University of Michigan
2011 Leila Tunnell
University of North Carolina
Washington University
2010 Shannon O'Malley
University of Washington
Washington University
2009 Georgia Bosscher
University of Wisconsin
Southern California
2008 Courtney Kiesow
University of Wisconsin
Michigan State
2007 Anna Nazarov
2006 Alex Snyder
University of Colorado
2005 Cara Crouch
University of Texas
2004 Miranda Roth
Carleton College
2003 Chelsea Dengler
University of Oregon
Notre Dame
2002 Pauline Lauterbach
Brown University
2001 Lindsay Goldsmith
Swarthmore College
2000 Johanna Neumann
Tufts University
1999 Jody Dozono
University of Oregon
1998 AJ Johnson
Stanford University
1997 Dominique Fontenette
Stanford University
1996 Val Kelly
University of Pennsylvania
Carleton College

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