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Wild Roses

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Women started playing ultimate at Cornell in the winter of 1978–79, when Lisa Dally, Laura Hogan and Cathy Brinton joined forces with the men’s team, the Cornell Buds. Lisa Dally helped to found an all-women’s team at Cornell in the spring of 1979, and, by 1980, Tiina Booth and Pam Hageny had also joined up. In 1980, Tiina and Pam gave us our name, and the Wild Roses were born.
Since then, the Roses have become a mainstay of college ultimate in the Metro East. The Roses program has produced such talented athletes and living legends as the aforementioned Tiina Booth (director of NUTC) as well as Vivian Zayas (Riot, Brüte Squad), Jackie Booth (Brüte Squad, Ghosts, Siege), Amelia Murphy (Ghosts, Xist), Hannah Boone (Scandal), Preeti Nalavade (Amp, Mischief), Cristal Chan (Slow White, District 5), Riki Cullingford (Ambiguously Grey) and Sterling Morrone (District 5).


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